History: Viruskiller™ core technology was initially funded by the Korean Government after the 2003 SARS epidemic. For the past 16 years, the technology has been focused on killing airborne viruses and has since been installed in over 80% of hospitals in South Korea, all lung examination rooms, universities, and more.

Airflow: One of the most overlooked aspects in air sterilization is controlled airflow. Viruskiller™ units have been designed in collaboration with South Korea’s Aerospace University to achieve unparalleled airflow control in indoor settings ranging from operating theaters, to waiting rooms, to offices.

Single Air Exchange Kill Rates: If a technology draws contaminated air in, then pushes it back into the breathing zone without completely sterilizing it, it dramatically increases the risk of cross contamination. When it comes to viruses, the only relevant test results are on a single air exchange, where our tech achieves 99.9999% virus kill rates.