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VK Medi

The VK Medi is a very unique product. It houses the thickest HEPA filter for ultimate purification, a powerful fan for optimum air circulation, and the highest certified air sterilisation technology in the world for unparalleled test results against viruses, bacteria, toxic gases and VOCs. The ability to create positive pressure environments makes the VK Medi range a perfect option for installation in hospitals, surgery rooms, and sterile environments.

Technical Specifications
Specification Detail
Weight 63 kg
Dimensions (mm) 1500 H x 420 D x 556 W
Noise 41 – 50 dB
Coverage 165 m2
Airflow 300 – 635 CFM
Max Electricity 360 W
UVC lamps 8
TiO2 Hexagon filters ~40
Reactor Cell Lifespan 8000 hours (alarm)
Installation Free standing, wall mounted
Accessories 2x Remote Control
Customisation Available with advertising wraps
Certification CE / We Share Clean Air