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From cancer patients to allergy sufferers to moms who want the best for their children or just about anybody who wants to neutralise all dangerous airborne particles, Hextio is the perfect air steriliser. 

Technical Specifications
Specification Detail
Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions (mm) 330 H x 106 D x 126 W
Noise 40 – 49 dB
Coverage 20 sqm
Airflow 12-20 CFM
Max Electricity 15W
UVC lamps 1
TiO2 Hexagon filters 10
Reactor Cell Lifespan 8000 hours
Installation Free standing
Accessories Remote Control, Directional Airflow Hood, Use Anywhere Bag
Certification CE / We Share Clean Air


*Radic8’s VirusKiller range is not FDA-cleared / FDA-approved.