We installed our Viruskiller units in a New York restaurant on Friday evening, on Saturday they were fully booked. We will be officially launching the Radic8 Viruskiller technology in the US very soon and as a social experiment, our team installed three units into the restaurant on Friday evening. The response was so remarkable with people phoning friends to come over to a safer indoor environment, then Saturday they were full. I have been saying that Covid 19 is in the air since the start of this outbreak and I believe that it will soon be officially announced that it is in fact airborne. The air is the infection route that people currently feel helpless about and airborne and droplet transmission routes are the weak areas within infection control in most countries. Our Viruskiller technologies were made exactly for this reason and we are busy expanding our global reach to help improve good infection control practices. Unfortunately, this article is not quite accurate, this is not the new hextio black model, we installed 3 VK tower units. Would you be more likely to visit a restaurant with our Viruskiller technology installed?