On Tuesday next week we will be holding a very special event here at Radic8 HQ
We have our Mayor and the UK Chinese Consul General along with other guests and both national and Chinese media.

Radic8 are working with UK-medu to provide and install our Viruskiller technologies to China, with an initial focus on Wuhan.

I shall also be announcing two new technology advancements that I have been working on with our team in South Korea, one of which is a much needed technology for killing viruses within ventilation systems.

The Radic8 technology has been tested against Coronavirus | poliovirus | influenza virus | rhinovirus | adenovirus and achieved a 99.9999% kill rate on a single air exchange.

If we want to limit the spread of airborne viruses, we have to take them out of the air and destroy them. Infection control practices around the world should include measures for limiting airborne and droplet disease transmission routes.

I am very happy that our technology is going to be helping the situation in China and help reduce the spread of respiratory viruses wherever it is used.

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Nathan Wood, thank you for arranging BESA attendance