Leading the global fight against
airborne & droplet viruses

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We don’t catch them, we kill them.

Viruskiller vs. The Rest

Two key factors to consider when using technology to reduce
airborne and droplet virus exposure:

Controlled airflow

Single air pass

Take the danger away from the breathing zone and replace it with clean air. Where possible, create a laminar airflow Use technology that can give a virus kill rate. Kill rates can only be given by tests conducted on a single air exchange

Single air pass kill rates

NEW Quarantine Solutions

Modular, mobile and cost effective

Viruskiller vs. Coronavirus

Respiratory viruses are no match for our sterilisation chamber. Our patented, core technology has been tested against Coronavirus DF2, Adenovirus, Influenzavirus and Poliovirus. The results show a 99.9999% kill rate in a single air pass.

Radic8 VirusKiller Range


Powerful unit for small areas up to 20m²
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VK 401

Powerful unit for medium areas up to 60m²
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VK 103

Powerful unit for large areas up to 100m²
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IAQ Inline

Powerful unit for small areas up to 100m²
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VK Medi

Powerful unit for large areas up to 165m²
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VK 102

Powerful unit for large areas up to 165m²
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*Radic8’s VirusKiller range is not FDA-cleared / FDA-approved.

Radic8 is an all-in-one solution for air quality problems in a wide range of market sectors.


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We are not limited to viruses

our clean air technology has the world’s best test results on all air pollutants


Nitrogen Dioxide




Particulate matter

“As doctors, we recommend avoiding crowded places and people in general, but patients also need full support from their family and friends, which implies a great deal of human interaction. The VIRUSKILLER technology can help them by neutralising airborne viruses and bacteria from the air, before they are inhaled.”

Dr. Rajyashree N. Kutty

Surgeon, Oman Cancer Association

“A virus killer and clear air device that was portable was just what I felt would help me manage my immediate environment and keep me safe around the people I love and from whom I needed support. This gave me the confidence that I could be well and get stronger more quickly after my treatment for cancer.”


Cancer patient

“We run the Radic8 units continuously since installation and thus far after 4 months use we are delighted to say Arlo has had his most healthy winter ever, with only one return trip to intensive care for a precautionary measure.”

Arlo's Dad

“We have been using the Radic8 technology for a considerable length of time now and feel that this has contributed to the general good health and well-being of Curly. We also feel that it is an ‘extra weapon’ in fighting any airborne germs that could be in our home not only during the winter months but through the year.”

Curly's Dad

Radic8’s Management Team

Kenn Lee

Kenn Lee

CEO (Korea) & Founder INBair

Richard Greenwood

Richard Greenwood

CEO (UK) & Founder Radic8

Steve Kwon

Steve Kwon

Director & Strategic Advisor